E66 Flip the Script: Do a Reverse Podcast Interview

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Welcome back to Help me, Podcast. This is episode 66. Thank

you for being here. And in today's episode, we're going to talk about

something that I heard about that is kind of an interesting concept

and it's reverse interviewing a podcast

host. And I can't quite remember where I heard this

before, but the basic idea is

that you could reach out to other podcasters

out there, people that already have an existing podcast and

maybe they host an interview show or maybe it's a solo show.

Don't think it quite matters. But the idea is that you will be

approaching a host and say like, hey, let me

interview you for an episode of your podcast

coming up. So basically you're doing the opposite of what they would

normally do. Normally they would be interviewing somebody else, but in

this case you set up the interview and instead

of the actual host doing the interview, you're actually

conducting the interview on the host. So

it's basically the opposite of what would normally happen, hence

the reversed interview. And I think this idea is interesting for a couple of different

reasons. First thing is that I bet you there's probably

most of the hosts out there have never had that question asked to them.

And it may be just enough of a

catching off guard sort of thing where you may get people

to say like, yeah, sure, I never really thought of that, never done that

before. That's a new piece of content or a new thing that

I could do. So I could see how that could be helpful.

So I think that's why it could be appealing for podcast

hosts. Sure, they're probably going to want to know who you are and if you've

done this before and if you have some sort of credibility, but they

might not even want to know that. And maybe you can get some smaller podcast

to get that under your belt. Maybe you have some sort of interview or

news station or some sort of credibility that

you can use. But at the end of the day, the worst case scenario is

they don't have to publish that episode. So it's kind of a risk free thing

other than maybe a 30 minutes or hour of their time

to do the interview. But I think people always like to talk about

themselves and to like to talk about their stories. And I

think that if you're doing your own podcast, maybe you don't always

think about that. Or maybe you only did your first episode ever about

your story and you never really go into or

tell your full story because you're always focusing on your guest

and other people. I like it for that reason. And then the other reason that

I like it too is it's also a cool thing for a

new podcast to do or maybe even somebody who doesn't have a podcast.

I think it's kind of in the same vein as going on a podcast

tour without a podcast, trying to get on a bunch of other people's

podcast without having a podcast. So you can kind of

get some of the benefits of having your own podcast with

90% less of the work. You only have to show up for the interview and

this is kind of just a different spin on that. It's like

you're not going to be the one editing it or publishing it or producing it

or anything like that. You're basically just going to be doing the interview and

it kind of gives you a feel of what is it like to be a

host or what is it like to have your own

podcast so that's why it could be beneficial for you.

And then also just as far as growing your

network and getting to know people, I think that's one of the things that Podcasting

is really great for and maybe a secondary sort of benefit that

a lot of people don't talk about is when you do have a conversation with

somebody. If you have an interview style podcast and you're having a conversation with somebody

maybe you don't know very well, or maybe you know them really well, but you

never really sat down with them and talked to them for 30 minutes, for

60 minutes, just about them, and asked them questions and put

your full attention and energy into highlighting

them. It's a different experience and you kind of connect with the person

on a different level. And I could say for my interview style podcast,

working towards a purpose, each guest that I have, I have now a

closer connection. We have a shared experience and

I think we're much more willing to support each other after that. So I think

it can be a great way to kind of also get this

sense of connection from people is if you do this

interview and they agree to it and everything now, you're going to have a closer

bond and a closer connection to where? Maybe if you do need help

with something starting your podcast in the future, maybe they'll be there

willing to help with you because you kind of did something for them. I guess

what I'm trying to say is, like all of my podcast guests, I

go a little bit further to try to support them in the things that they

do now because I want to see them win and because we've had that moment

in the past, it just makes me more willing to support the things that they

do in the future. So I haven't actually done this myself, I've never

actually heard a podcast of this done itself. I just heard it somewhere and I

thought that it was kind of an interesting idea because it seems to be one

of those things that's kind of a win win. I think if somebody approached me

with my other podcast and said, like, hey, let me interview you.

Maybe not right now because I'm still getting started and I'm under 20 episodes,

but if I was, like, 50 episodes in and it's been a couple of years

and stuff, I would probably take them up on that and be like, yeah, sure,

let's do it and see what happens. It almost makes my job

easier because it's like you're planning that one episode so I don't have to go

find a guest now, which could be a time consuming part of

an interview style podcast. So it seems like a win win all around and

just wanted to share this idea here and if any of

you have ever done that or maybe it's something that also interests you and

you go ahead and do it, let me know how it goes and always send

me an email. My email is in the show notes. I'd love to hear how

it worked for you and your experience through it and I will catch

you all on the next episode. Thank you for tuning in.

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E66 Flip the Script: Do a Reverse Podcast Interview
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