A podcast dedicated to helping you launch and grow your own podcast. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday morning!

You can think of this show as sort of a podcast encyclopedia. In each episode we will discuss one specific topic within podcasting, whether it has to do with recording quality audio, launching a podcast, or growing your new show. This show is mostly for new podcasters and soon to be podcasters, but if you’ve been podcasting for a while you might learn something new too! Browse the titles of the episodes and listen to the ones that you need at the moment. Happy podcasting!

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E80 Goodbye for Now

This will be the last Help Me Podcast episode for now.  Thank you to everyone for listening! -Gino 

E79 Embracing the Experimental Phase: How Trying Different Things Can Benefit Your Podcast

In this episode I'll share a story about the importance of embracing experimental phases and not being afraid to fail. Drawing inspiration from a speaker at a networki...

E78 Finding Strength in Numbers: Starting a Podcast with Like-Minded People

Today's episode is all about starting a podcast with other people who are also starting their own podcast. I'll be sharing my experience with a new program I'm part of...

E77 Finding Purpose with Podcasting

Today's episode is another concept one.  I discuss a conversation that I had with someone about how podcasting can be a great way to step into your purpose.  If you're...

E76 Growing Your Podcast with an In-Person Event

Have you ever considered taking your podcast to the next level by organizing a live in-person event? Well, in today's episode I will be sharing my own experience in pl...

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