E66 Flip the Script: Do a Reverse Podcast Interview

Recently I ran into a concept that I found interesting; a reverse interview.  Hosts usually conduct the interviews, but what if you flipped the script and interviewed the host instead? You get on their podcast, but your the one interviewing them.  Today we explore the potential benefits of this approach for both hosts and aspiring podcasters. From building connections and growing your network to experiencing the role of a host firsthand, there are plenty of reasons to give reverse interviewing a try. Join us as we dive deep into this interesting concept and share some insights on how it can enhance your podcasting journey. Let's get started!

Topics Covered:
  • What is a reverse interview?
  • Why would a host want you to interview them on their show?
  • An idea unique enough to say yes to
  • Test out podcasting and get the benefits, without having to do all the production work
  • How to go about getting one of these reverse interviews
  • A win win situation for you and the host
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E66 Flip the Script: Do a Reverse Podcast Interview
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